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Rapper, Singer, Songwriter


Who is Profit

Justin Holland is an American artist who goes by the name

of Profit. Profit was born and raised in Washington DC and

has always had an acute ear for music. Growing up as a

child, Profit listened to the classic sounds of most of your

old American classics of African American entertainers. By

the age of 15, Profit was a member of two local Go Go

bands as a singer. At that point, he realized his passion for

the stage. He continued to write poetry and hone in on his

craft as a performer. However, working with other artist in

his city, he still had not realized his dream. Now working

with DDRE Music & Films, Profit is ready to take

the world by storm, giving up an awesome eclectic sound

touching all genres of music.  After his feature on the Sway in the Morning show, Profit went on to release the debut video for his song Entitled "She Bad".  She Bad has received great reviews and is continuing build followings on both YouTube and Spotify platforms.

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